How Bad It Hurts

If you really birthed me-I lied to myself.
The verbal pain you give feels amidst with what I've felt.
I don't care for the venting,
Or even say,"Hi" because seventeen now before-
Been time to say goodbye.
All the hurting that I have
Is a breeze that's blowing past-
That's blowing stabs.
Its only while your filthy mad.
People, we're imperfect;
Yet, you talk like you are perfect,
So who are you still hurting, to cause my heart a burden?
I have to find my mother-my mother, not the other.
To live my life without her pours a drought
With thunderous showers.
You don't want no part of me; the good I have, it's hard see.
A mother is a mom, when you are sleep.
Through thick and thin, she's yours to seek-
Thus day and night she's yours to keep.
I strive, I dive these ocean tides
Our love, it lives and will not die
Maybe it's a lie, so I pack my bags and cry.
Either way, as in the day-your Mom and only mom.
So, I deeply love you anyway.

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