How Beautiful Could It Be

How beautiful could it be?
Living in a place where everything seems right.
Living in a place where everything was bright.
Right and bright, clean and has no fright.
A fright that has already exist for what's waiting on our future sight.

A sight where everything seems wrong,
Where all the existence of this world will be no longer exist.
But think about how beautiful could it be?
To be alone for a while in a quiet place,
Listening to the sweet sounds of the birds on the trees.

How beautiful could it be?
About us admiring the blue sky.
Where all the bluebirds fly.
And feeling the cool breeze across the blue sea.
With full of love that makes our nature live.
Live? How can it live?
Where we're here not knowing what we've caused.
What if we don't keep it safe.
That nature will keep us unsafe.

We're full of ideas to make our nature live.
But can it help with what we need to achieve?
Writing, promoting, advising, informing, persuading and even keeping promises.
But the question is, is this really enough to awaken the others? No.
We need to take real action, in able to reach our goal.
Because if you're just sitting there and watching how slowly it become a downfall.
None of us will be safe at all.

It will be a good thing,
Being blind to what's only good for your own.
Think about other's life and their future to be.
There must be something that you, you, and you or we can still do.
Let's still care about the things around me and you.

How beautiful could it be?
Where the sight of the hills is still a beauty,
Where the bright moon is the sign of purity.
Where the flow of the river is murmuring music to our ear.
Where the act of the sun is so philanthropic,
Feeling the lively breeze of nature to our sense that put into order.

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