How Beautiful The Grey

How beautiful the grey, the time between festive and frost
When season's revelry fades and slowly it is lost
The time when the tinsel tucks neatly into cupboard nests
All song and dance have come to rest
The walls and the shelves sit quietly bare
And the glutinous tables ready for winter's ware
The house exhales with a long, slow sigh
When left for a moment to just simply lie
Quiet startles the air so accustomed to bustle
It offers a strange feel this lacking of hustle
It sits quietly there in the peaceful calm
Soaking all the serenity that blankets like a balm
Gradations of grey paint the vast luminous sky
Cushion for the season of celebration to pass by
Winter tunes it melody for another great arrival
It nods its hoary head for the upcoming revival
Time comes to hibernate, to go deeply within
Preparing for a later harvest as the world quiets its din
Subtle hues to be considered in their stately pronunciation
Of both the passing and coming of a new coronation
It softens the air with its ashen vesture
Welcoming a new season with its beckoning gesture

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