How can I

How can i live with my self knowing
that one day i may not reach you.
We try to dance the way that fairies
do knowing that they are capable of
of the true art form of love.
We desperatly cling to the string
of faith hoping that one
day it want wheather.
To wish upon stars or to pray to
cupit we do these thing to
keep hope alive.
To try to find love were love is lost.
To search for companionship were
thers no companion.
To dout everything and everyone.
Sometimes love is cruel that way.
It plays tricks with the mind
testing our will in strong bonds.
It presses heat to steel to see
how week our denfences our.
TO break from such pressure
does it mean that you are weak
or to be weak to be strong.
WE cry tears sometimes floodnig
the world with our heart break in
devastation but giving birth to
new life as well.
How can i live with my self
knowing that i didnt try

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