How Can I?

How can I know that you love me?
Is it the way you look at me?
Is it the way you hold me?
Is it the words that come from your mouth?

The cold wraps around me in a blank white abyss.
Winter is here, a death-dealing kiss.
I've been strong for so long and I want to let go!
But how can I ever truly know?

Your feelings for me are strong and sincere,
Yet deep in my heart there still lurks a fear.
It grows each night while you sleep by my side,
That letting you in will destroy my pride.

All that I have built up, such strong and mighty walls,
Crumble more with every kiss, tender word, and smile.
So what is love, they all ask?
Will we ever truly know?

Love is opening up.
Love is giving in.
And love is letting go.

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