How Can You Understand?

How many people in the world can understand how I feel?
How many people of this age have gone through what I have?
How many do you know have suddenly lost their mother?
Do you understand? Do you know how it feels?
To have the world assume you have a mother
To have the weight of house work casted upon your shoulders
To have each person say the same things
"I'm sorry for your loss."
"Is there anything we could help you with?"
"How are you doing?"
To have all eyes staring down at you when you are in tears
How can you understand?

Some have lost their mothers, fathers, siblings, loved ones
yet you can not understand.
because you did not lose the person I lost.
She was like no one else who has ever lived
She was a one of a kind person and a one of a kind mother
you did not lost the same person I did
I ask you again

How can you understand?

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