How Come?

How does everyone get so lucky?
And I’m not
How come all these people are smart?
And I’m stuck here with my thoughts
How come people succeed?
And I’m working basically for free
How come everybody has money?
And I’m broke
How come everyone is much happier than me?
How come I don’t change?
Why is it hard to breath
How come people leave?
And leave me wondering if it was me
How come my thoughts are negative?
It’s killing me
Why am I never happy?
I should probably leave
How come?
How come I’m always alone?
Thinking I should probably go
How come I feel so tired?
I just need some sleep
How come nobody likes me?
Is it because I’m broke?
How come I feel lost?
Will there be a light so I can find my way or will I just be stuck.
How come when things turn up
It just looks like a muck
How come?

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This Poems Story

This was written late at night. I felt lost during the time of writing this. I just didn’t understand why everyone is doing so much better than me, and I’m stuck working paycheck to paycheck. I always ask myself, how come everyone is so much better than me?