How could I know

I don't know what to do with you,
maybe I should just let you go,
how you feel and what goes on in your mind,
how could I know,

Do you want me to chase after you,
or do you want to move on by yourself,
can you deny our good times
and move on as if nothing happened,
as if we had just been
two strangers who met, talked, laughed,
and then continued on past each other,
how could I know,

I'm different, and you're different
everyone's different, but deep down
we may just be the same as everyone else,
living in the moment and enjoying the ride
then denying to ourselves we ever had any fun,
how could I know,

I miss you,
and if you don't like that
then I miss your words,
your care,
the time you spent thinking about me,
the time I spent waiting for you,
what about you,
how could I know,

I don't know about you
but I'm left feeling empty,
even though I knew good times,
good things and good people
don't ever last,
I still clung to the prospect of you
and I wanted you all to myself,
but what about you,
how could I know?

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