How could nobody know

5 years old with a great big smile from ear to ear my pearly white teeth you saw for miles
Laughing and playing jacks hide and go seek sometimes I cheated by peeking but happiness was all around me nothing I needed to seek
5 years old playing with dolls having fun with race cars singing to myself I Was a shinning star singing songs I made up just for God playing basketball softball soccer even football I loved all sports I enjoyed my life and all the joy I had inside I couldn't hide
5 years old ice cream cake chocolate caramel sweet pieces of candy was all I needed
5 years old can't remember the exact date but a smile no longer would be knoplaced upon my face real it would never be yes pretend now it is all fake
How could nobody know
How could nobody see a child that smiled everyday was all of a sudden completely unhappy
5 years old crying scared broken down into thousands of pieces underwear filled with blood nobody noticed how could they not see were was that love that was suppose to be for me
5 years old now 39 still stuck back in them days know happiness know peace know joy all pain since that day I repeat it over and over again
5 years old when will the pain go even though I told I was still shut down knocked around told to hush up stop lying even though my clothes told the story
How could nobody see
How could nobody understand
Why didn't mommy help me
Why didn't she grab me hold my hand
Why couldn't she see
How could nobody know

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Innocence gone not given but taken