How could you forget

How could you forget how to love me?
Lost without your presence you have become so distant in my life
Wondering could you continue Knowing I know why
Do you know how it feels to know why?
Do you know when they make you hot? I become so cold!
When they make you feel alive I’m losing my breath
I feel I am losing a part of me
You have left me alone to find were you got lost
Questioning everything about me At one time you found to be so beautiful
How could you make me feel something? Only to take it away
For a desire, that only will last a moment that took me a life time to build
Is it so hard for you to give me the same respect? That I have given to you
What was so hard about being true?
Being true was always so easy for me to do; I only gave my love to you
What you feel, is how a lover should be
Holding another, when its home you lay your shoes
Whispering sweet nothings of let it be them you choose
While I can only hope that every footstep is from you
When you found me you thought I was lost
You just never respected the journey how it brought me to you
Now my question is you know I know what will you do?
Will it be me you choose or another?
That will only bring us to question what did we lose?

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