How Dare You Say You Love Me?

How could those words possibly come out of your mouth?
Your happiness is one thing I do not deserve.
When I have yet to find my own.
The way to find it is lost.
I have yet to give up searching.
Stealing yours is not an idea I imagine.
Helpless, you would be left without it.
You will be empty.
You will be me.

Nothing is what I leave you with.
This is all I could offer at this time.
One day I will regain mine.
You, by then, will have sold yours.
Someone who had theirs all along.
Will come along, yet you are still without.
Without a smile, without a reason, without me.

Stop comparing me to everyone.
Only then you will find it, you will have won.
Until you surrender your battle with me.
You will be allowed to claim victory.
Open your eyes, I'm begging your skies.
In the end, I was not your prize.

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