How did we get here?

How did we get here?

Silence now fills the space where endless laughter existed. How do we know what we now need?

Newness is now tarnished like an old abandoned brass lamp. Will we ever find a way to make it shine again?

Time passing by as we grasp to hold onto the memories of earlier years. Will we ever feel butterflies again?

Tiredness grips at us while we walk through the rose thorned path we created. How do we simplify for the sake of us?

Affection visits us momentarily during the sorry and make-up periods. Why does it have to fade away?

Romance slipped through our fingers as life pushed us along. Where have the poems and roses gone?

Intimacy no longer lives without the presence of a stimulant. Will we ever feel those electric shivers again?

Foreplay now seems like an old distant delicacy. Have we forgotten our willingness to please?

Sadness visits our hurting hearts more regularly than it used to. How long before we are numb?

Anger fills waves in the air that used to be so soft and calm. Why do we say the things we do?

Communication is never close by as we push the problems to the dark corner. Are we layering our problems?

Feelings now seem to regularly commence a Spanish Inquisition. Why are we not allowed to say “just because”?

Love is forever our closest and deepest friend and needs no affirmation. But will it always be enough?

How can we get back?

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