How do I get back to me

By Tdoy   

I noticed the other dayas I was
hung over and vomiting in my sink
My life is nowhere where
I thought it would be
Sure I have fun and party
on weekend nights
But inside me there is
a disturbing fight
On whom I want to be
As I dance to get attention
from guys that make me sick
Because there little minds only think from their d***ks
I question who I was to begin with because she seems to be lost
And here I am at the club
twerking for a cost$$$
I convinced myself some time ago
it was ok to have fun
because I was still young
And now that years have gone and still my choices are all wrong
Sometimes I wonder if I deserve better
because if I did it should have
happen by now
But then I realize
I never tried to change
So who’s to blame?
I use to have big dreams
and respect for myself
Now I’m here having sex
with someone else’s man
Why? Just because I can
Worse part is everything about him turns me off
So why do I punish myself
How do I get back to me?
Respect for me from me is what I need

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a young woman who wakes up and notice that she has to do better in life.