How Do I Know I Love You

Would you like to know how I know I love you?
There are moments of my life when I wish I didn't have you.
Moments when I hurt you, when I scream and make you cry.
In those moments when I realize,
how important to me you are.
When I look into your eyes,
when I drown in your words,
when I feel your beating heart,
even though we're miles apart.
That's how I know, I can no longer walk alone.
You entered my life so instantly,
without warning you took me by surprise.
So many ways I've learned to love you,
yet none can amount to the way I feel inside.
You are the whisper of the night,
the sigh of the running wind.
You are the peace of a flowing river,
you, are my eternal bliss.
You know my faults and talents,
you accept my flaws within.
Your love cannot be challenged,
I own your heart, spirit and body,
I am your keeper and you are my king.

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