How Do We Know

“ How Do You Know “ By Lamar Howard-Miller March 26, 2020

How do you know when is time to accept your gains over the pain. How do you know how to console your hearts fate when you can’t control each other’s pulse rate. How do you know that you have found that one. When everything stops and moves in slow motion when your out just having fun. Has life as we know it just begun or is it that we couldn’t see that person because we’re to busy starring at the rays instead of the sun. Is it superficial or good to jump the gun.
What is that feeling when your heart has really won. Have you ever sat in a dark room and tasting your tears mixed with the other persons fears asking yourself. Are you really done. You maybe scared but your heart might have truly just started having fun. So how do you know that your pain has turned into rain to wash away all the things in the past that made you feel like you were going insane. How do I know is because I sit back and smile because a few months ago God restored someone upon me to make my soul grow.

“How do you know “

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