How Do You Go?

Life is a mess; a busy race with time. The calendar is full,
the days are jammed. When it's all done, no one wants to smile.
Every day is a competition, it seems. Don't be late for classes,
concerts, games. Don't forget due dates, birthdays, and don't make
mistakes. You have a sense that everything must be perfect. Always
trying to get ahead of your schedule; ahead of yourself. Through
the stress, the difficulties, the challenges, the demands, the
conflicts, and all the cluttered messes, happiness seems almost
impossible to pursue. Life seems to be a competitive sport.
Who is... Prettiest? Strongest? Funniest? Smartest? Fastest?
Those questions are not asked aloud. But you always feel like
you're in some sort of race with everyone else. You always feel
like whatever you do, whatever you say; it counts to who you are
to others. Everyone wants to be unique. Including you. When you
run a race, your goal is to finish first. You don't pay attention
to anything, except that one mile left. And you don't notice the
things that you pass. But sometimes life is a morning walk. Don't
always run. You might miss the little details. Read too fast
and you'll never know what you read. It's good to focus and have
a goal, But too fast and you won't stop to think, to react,
to reflect. You can memorize all the answers. But memorizing is
not learning. When you reach your destination, you may think
you have accomplished your goal. You did. But you missed a lot.
Learn along the way. Don't always run, walk sometimes. And stop.
But keep going. Because, maybe you're running past all the bad
temptations. And then you run into a death of a loved one. You
stop. But don't spend your whole life mourning. So, no matter
what, keep going. Forward. There's so much up ahead. So don't
miss anything.

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