How Do You Know

There is a fine thread that feels like spiderweb,
Strongest: a spider is within 3 feet,
To some: fear itself -- falsely confining,
Flailing with a snap.

Watching flailers is a channel to turn
without shouts of pornography like “dad”
no claims of “running from God” from “nanny”
no “wata-kata” “great-uncle Charlie”
no “some people don’t get to” base peerage
no “mothers often eat their young” fake sister
There is more, yet here they are fighting thread.

So here we turn, wry at Niagara references,
The eternal jest because spiderwebs,
Feet in their mouths, historical braining
thins everything, salivating to evil.

Burn books, libel filters, fear of missin’ out,
Scrabbling hard to seem, with placebo high
Damning experiences, huffing stereotypes --
Might as well kill for the next high, fuck plants!
RFRA means they broke the thread, hard.
And should have mustered the cultural courage
Recognizing what mattered wasn’t hazy wish.

Snappers fester false beaming compliance,
Losing guiding thread of justice, liberty,
joy, unique effervescent experience,
progress, preservation.

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(UC is not a Wellons…) I am sick of what has been happening when rumors of grossness capitalize on falsehood religion and blood libel while folks who are not living that life are relegated to "Tall Poppy" murder land or gay-kept from their own lives. This is for the "heist", who'd rather walnut themselves into false failure than work without Dumbo's feather and with innocent plants that require respect.