How Do you Like Me Now ?

Okay people cast your votes..
how do you perceive my persona?
You can add your own words,
positive or negative let's here the truth be honest
& as judgmental as you want.
you can pick more then one.
Lazy? Energetic? Quiet? Too chatty?
Confident? Reserved? Speechless?
Thoughtless? Careless? Careful?
Calm? Sweet? Desperate? Friendly?
Retarded? Intelligent? Crazy?
Morality? Goofy? Sexy?
Bitchy? Beautiful? Naive?
Strong? Lame? Creative?
Old? A saint? Stupid?
Depressing? Innocent? Fat?
Perfect? Uneducated? Lucky?
Ugly? Captivating? Forgetful?
Considerate? Cursed? Generous?
Blessed? Brain damaged? Smart?
Worthless? Admirable? Selfish?
Shy? Conceited? Thoughtful?
Annoying? Polite? A sinner?
Mellow? High strung? Rude?
Evil? Calculating? Possessive?
Nosy? Honest? Fair? Cruel?
Improved? A failure? Boring?
Lonely? Popular? Or unique?

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