How Do You Tell Her

How Do You Tell Her?

How do you tell her
I’m sorry
I really did my best
How do you tell her
I’m sorry
When you feel like you failed the test

How do you tell her

I’ve loved you since
Before you were born
And I wish he’d felt the same
Then maybe things would be different
And I wouldn’t feel so lame

I’m so sorry that he wasn’t there
I’m so sorry I couldn’t make him care
And no matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t make him see
Just how special you make life to me

You are beautiful
You are talented
A wonderful, free-spirited girl
It’s just too bad that he can’t see
Just how amazing you never cease to be

I wish I could’ve made him stay
To be here with you
Each and every day
It deeply saddens me to know
Just how quick he was to go
He quit on us
He quit on you
Something a father should never do

I tried all these years
To protect you from these kind of tears
I know I cannot replace a father’s love
Or touch
Or embrace


Just know my dear
That I am here
To help you face all your fears
And though a father’s true love escapes you
Your mother’s heart will forever embrace you

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