How Does My Life Complete Me?

How does my life complete me?
Family, School, Love, Friends, and Hope
The mean and nice teacher, good friend and bad friend, single or taken, mother and father
Architect, interior designer,--works hard and impressive
It is no sweat—it calms you to a sweat
And from one to another, everyone is stationary

The world would not work without rules
Therefore I am good, therefore I am kind
Which means I enforce the rules, so that people are calm in schools?

I lie in my bed thinking about the meaning of life and creation
When I realize everything happens for a reason

I cannot say to anyone what I feel, but I can say it to myself, and it is good

No matter the person, everyone is worth for
Everything if they made bad decisions
And if they did not, they are still a valuable specimen

I do not think the man above created the whole land
I believe he did his part and has some help of others
Therefore, every religion has their opinions about the creation

Is it great that love can last forever?
It can happen from a long time to forever
From marriage to death of forever
Or a short time like a date or two which is not forever

And to think that love can last forever
May I tell you that it can be a wonderful experience that lasts forever?

Also that this world may last forever
Nobody on this earth is perfect; therefore we may try to find someone forever

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