How Does Santa Do It?

How does Santa go without any snow?
He has a Sleigh that is very streamline,
with all kinds of air design.
He feeds his Rain Deer star dust and snow,
so there eyes will be bright and off they will go.
When at your house, there isn't any snow
like a Air Plane he will drop his landing gear
so his Sleigh will roll.
If you don't a chimney for him to come down,
he will park his sleigh upon the grown.
If your Mom and Dad are asleep and in a deep snore,
Santa has a magic,finger like a key it will open your door.
It's the same finger he puts beside his nose,
when up and down the chimney he goes.
If a child distracts him while he is under the tree,
he may not make to your house that would awful to see.
That's why you kids must sleep when Santa's in town,
so no kid will miss out when he makes his rounds.
He uses the North Star for a guiding light,
so he can make it home after Christmas Night.
Santa loves you kids, each and everyone,
SO obey his rules and you will all have fun.

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