How good is the imprisoned prisoner you are

Let it go
I'll get tears in your eyes
I miss the border of your eyelashes
And I'll smile on your cheek plains
I want to get tears and i know
My tears collapse
The rocks of your heart
And they will come
On the sea of ​​your kindness

Let it go
To laugh at your lips
I bring your joy to a gift
and maybe
Its white peaks
Meet the acquaintance

Let it go
So I'll be on your shoulder in the Gulf
Catch my walled waves
To the point of breaking the black beans

Let it go
To grasp in your hand
To love the song of love

Let it go
To be on your Anklet's foot
I danced to the edge of the stern

Let it go
To be in your hangar
Though this hangar
for me
The cage is hard from iron
I want to take refuge there

How good are tears of eyes...
How good are the laughs of the lips ...
How good is your shoulder...
How good is a nest of heart...
Even in a hard iron cage...
And how good it is
Prisoner of that
You're your guards

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