How Good

How good would it be,
To watch me fall asleep,
The quiet soft voice that you hear,
As I lay quietly,
The whispers of your voice,
That surrounds my ears,
The soft touch of your hands,
That lay upon me to rest,
Your soft kisses,
From your tender lips,
My soft body pressed against yours in bliss,
The warmth from our bodies,
As it may sound,
Just to lay next to you,
Would be a dream come true,
The talking and laughing,
The looks on your face,
The way you look at me,
As I am your savings grace,
The beat of your heart,
As it races up and down,
The sensational feeling,
That we both have found,
It will be a miracle,
To have you as mine,
Even if it isn't real,
It is a great dream,
And it was all mine....
Is a great dream,

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This Poems Story

I never stop believing or stopped for that matter. To have that feeling of just how good would it feel to have a man like that, of course at the time when I wrote this, I didn't have one, however, I am married now though. We all have thoughts and feelings of how good it must feel to to just have all that, and it be all yours and nobody elses.