How I don’t understand

How I never knew my heart could be broken to pieces?
How do I overcome the pain to mourn a soul that is not dead?
How true am I to my feelings?
How do I look at you and smile?
How can this be ok?
Just how?
I pour my soul out to you, but you seem to be so ignorant.
I feel played like a brand-new game.
I lose every single time.
Why do I play?
Just to hear your voice.
Why do I stay?
I feel my duty is to my heart.
Therefore, you never chased me away.
Your mouth says things you do not really mean.
We were only sixteen.
Why can’t I move on?
Why are you still there but a million miles away?
How can I fix what is Broken?
How can I be repaired, or do you even care?
~ Lisa Campbell~

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