How I Feel

When the audience arrives, I use that time to shine
And at times I’m shy, so my demeanor is caught by surprise
Logic takes times, sometimes I wonder why
Yet the verdict of time, can decrease the size
You can say I’m genuine, but being rebellious is not a crime.
I am an acumen of the mind, but sometimes I need to rewind
Pathos reminds some us of….well nevermind
But just know you can’t combine malevolent with being kind.
Showing credulous may be sweet
But like cycles they repeat.
You can say that i'm unique
Yet I still wear my miniskirt and pedicure my feet.
Chronic times cause for abrupt measures
And pellucid signs can cause catalyst pleasures.
Phony actions show manipulate traits
And misanthrope distractions can cause biohazard fate
The euonym of a spectacle place
Makes tribute with a monologue state.
A maternal person carries a catastrophic somebody.
And this is how I feel throughout my body.

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