How I Feel

have the razor to my arm
Cutting is the only harm
Looking at the cuts
Bleeding through
Understand me what im going through
Emotions all over
I cried so much
Leaving this earth sounds great enough
Cutting is the only way
To express how i feel
It doesnt matter if you dont get it
Because i know this is real
Cant ask for help
Cuz they wont understand
What were doing isnt really planned
Get through the day is what we want
But if were sad its not enough
Feeling the pain is what i like
Dont judge me cuz this is my life
The scars i hate but they are there
Everytime i see them i feel em everywhere
Rubbing your fingers on your scars
Thinking why we scare ourselves
Looking through the mirror
What do i see
A little girl trying to look at me
She looks sad and distraught
I wish one day i can stop
Feeling like a failure
everytime i cut
Reasons i do it is because im fucked
One day i will stop
But never to soon
My emotions wont change until i do

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