How I Feel

Life is all about the choices you make,
And also about the chances you take.
But with every comes a consequence,
And every choice you make hurts someone in some way.
Then before you know it painful words are said without thought,
As if sticks and stones hurt more than those painful words that cut you like icy daggers.
But no matter how hard life gets,
There's someone out there who will care about you and share the burden.
Because you weren't meant to walk through life alone.
And every time you let someone you like walk by,
Every time you can't muster up the courage to tell them how you feel,
Is one less time you get to share with them.
And that is why I'm telling you this.
Because people may say we will never work,
Because you may not even like me like that,
But I can't keep saying goodbye knowing that every time I don't take the chance and tell you how I feel about you,
Is one more chance someone else gets at you.
And I'm not sure why I even feel this way.
All I know is that you are sweet...and beautiful,
And I love that about you.
And maybe people don't see you the way I do,
Maybe people don't feel the same way that I feel about you,
And this is crazy but it sums up how I feel about you right now.
A life without no life at all

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