How I love him

How I love him 

Although he was broken and kept it inside
the pain became too much for him to hide
Oh how I love him so
Today was I love you filled with  soft kisses
tomorrow was words that led to his punches
What did I do, what did I say to make him see me with eyes of hate
I just wanted to be loved yet this was my fate
Oh how I love him so
Sweet nothings he whispered until I fell asleep
Fiery pushes he threw despite all my pleas
I'm sorry he said and I love my dear
I forgive you I whispered and I will always be here
Oh how I love him so
I've found another he said, one I choose to embrace
A sweet young lady has already taken your place
My heart stopped and I wanted to die
The man that I loved just told me goodbye
Oh how I love him so
What can I do, my pain is because of you
My love for you has always been true
I don’t love you he said you’re naive and used
Oh how l love him so
I got on my knees and asked the Lord why?
The pain that I feel makes me wish to die
My Lord I cried  daily-  please and answer cry
My daughter - He said I can no longer see you cry
You will live and surely not die
This pain you feel will soon subside
My promise to you is - you will again smile
I’ve counted your tears and heard every cry
Now it’s time for you to tell him goodbye
My daughter, this I need for you to know
There is no limit to how I love you so.

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This Poems Story

I was in love and it ended, I was so hurt and could not understand how and or why. I began to put pen to paper because the more I wrote the less it hurt. I found a way to slowly let the pain out without hurting anyone in the process