How I Met Autumn

Approaching the falling moments, actions taking place watching the
season's shift, transitioning from the summer breeze, waiting to
greet the bloom of spring. The artistry of nature creating a
beautiful image on life, exhaling carbon dioxide to spread life on
sprouting petals. Feeling the cool breeze of the wind breathe on you,
like Autumn herself has ran out of stamina. Trees dancing as they
sway left to right with her soul filled with joy. Autumn expresses
excessive emotion spray painting of colors as they fade
red, green, orange, yellow searching and exploring
for that right fellow. Autumn always prepared for her season but
always discovering new reasons. New reasons as if why she continues
to avoid me, not attempting to let me enjoy one's company. I stroll
through the park catching every leaf that falls letting Autumn know
I have been through it all, if you ever need me blow me a call.
Refreshed one is inspired as I see a fire within her smoking
everything in one's path, revealing a performance no actor can
display. Individuality, strong as the trunk of a tree shines like
rays of the sun only speaking wisdom out of thee. Branching
out as we reach each other this season and others I'll always
hear the fall. Diving into the new season, freezing as winter
begins just know that Autumn never truly ends and I'll be there
when she needs some company again.

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