How I See Covid 19


For years I cooked at home a lot,
Then I got lazy and ate out non stop.
When the Covid virus hit and I could not go out,
I decided to cook, try another route.
I realized real quick home cooking is better,
So I sat down to write you this little letter.
Covid 19 has been a mixed blessing for me and mine,
My meals are healthier and I feel great all the time.
Covid 19 is like a double edged sword,
I've heard people say they're so very bored.
What I miss is seeing smiling faces,
And being able to go out to different places.
Many people are backyard gardening more,
As opposed to buying everything at the grocery store.
Doing home projects has really stepped up,
So home improvement stores are raking in big bucks.
While restaurants and bars are trying to survive,
But the decrease in sales affects millions of lives.
So many people believe what the media has said,
And it's the middle class group who is not being fed.
I feel this virus is causing way too much fear,
Not to mention having to wear all the face gear.
Instead of the fear we should have some faith,
Only God can protect us and keep us safe.

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