How I See Her

8 years ago, I spy her sitting beneath a cherry tree
Heart skips two, no three beats hoping she didn't see
Swearing to a best friend “She’s the only girl for me”
End up sitting desk by desk in the 5th grade, luckily

Now dining in a sea of saturated yellow sunflowers
Red and white blanket, sitting on it for hours
Harmonizing with a field of grass bright green
Directly taken out of a cheesy Hollywood scene

Heart beating heavy, she's the only one it cares for
Our eyes finally lock onto one another once more
Memorizing her features as my eyes roam her face
Cheeks burning, turn away as they flush light red
Verbally stunned, my mouth leaving emotions unsaid

Bright blonde locks of hair, flowing like liquid gold
The flowers turn, she’s brighter than the sun six-fold
Blue eyes dotted white, equivalent to stars in the sky
Stare in awe, a million fireworks on the 4th of July
Instead of the dark suffocating black-powder smoke
I’m engulfed by the perfume scent of Lovely Lavender
Lips develop into a grin, gems wishing to be this pure

The most perfect dream, sitting together face-to-face
Except in 5th grade, I didn’t ask in the first place

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