How is my painful?

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When I finding someone who I in love with someone,
When I give that person my blood in glass of heart, When I saw that person in love with someone not me,
That person starting dropped my blood in glass of heart,
When blood in glass of heart on floor,
When starting cracked,
When starting shattering,
I starting kneel,
My heart is painful,
When I fixed my heart back,
My heart is won't be able back,
Heart already destroy,
Blood still leaking,
How I feeling painful,
Painful feeling like someone crush my heart make a suffer;
Knife in my heart,
Hanger my heart,
Thorns around heart become squeezing my heart,
Needles in my heart,
Swipe on my heart,
Weapons in my heart becomes scar,
Become suffer painful for long time,
Painful make me crying,
Painful make me obsessed,
Painful make me depressed,
My feelings is worthless,
I already suffering painful for through my life!

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