How it feels to fall


Why do they call it a crush?
Because thats how it feels when they dont feel the same way in return And I hate that im still hoping you will like me back
Because its 4am and you’ve left me on read one too many times
Only responding just enough to keep me interested
And lately it feels like im just waiting for something that isnt going to happen Or well that I know will never happen
I guess I just expected way too much from you
Because im interested in you but you’re interested in another
But don’t worry i’ll always be here if you need me
I’ll even be here if you don’t
And if you wan’t to leave I won’t stop you
I’ll just wait to see if you come back
And if you do i’ll welcome you with open arms
And if you don’t...
Well that’s okay too
You probably just forgot about me
But don’t worry
I won’t be mad if you did
After all you have more important people in your life to worry about People who aren’t as replaceable as I am
And if you have to choose between me or them
I hope you choose them
Because in the long run they’ll make you happier than I ever could So I won’t be mad if you forget me
After all we’re just friends right
And I don’t even know what’s wrong with me anymore I should be holding on to you
But I would never stop you if you wanted to go We’ll be strangers again...
Maybe then we can start over from scratch
And maybe then I wouldn’t be writing about you Because I only ever write about what hurts
And right now caring for you hurts
And I admit it,
I really like you,
But its not worth it anymore...

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