How Many Halos Lie

I threw my halo across oceans for you.
I watched it fly across baby blue skies,
and sink deep down underneath dark blue lies.
My decency was wasted,
just like the intoxicated words you spoke would make you, too.
And I kept keeping on by writing these words,
Sitting up late smoking outside.
Every time I saw the same color blue, it made me think of you
And every time I felt the rumble resembling a hurricane,
I felt you, too.
Every time I smelled salt or felt moisture my brain went insane.
When rain hit the pavement close to me,
I wondered if maybe my halo was falling down with the precipitation.
I wondered if my innocence would come back to me
And I would be how I used to be,
But it never did and I was left looking at my reflection.
I looked into a puddle of hallucination.
The next day when the smell of rain lingered in the air,
I felt you right there.
Like the movement of an earthquake.
I'd just stop in one place
I'd stare at the ground and realize that the ground wouldn't shake,
It would be me, because it was too much for me to take.
Today I walk with pride,
My steps are stronger than the winds of any twister,
And you'll regret the times you lied,
And you'll think, "God I miss her."
But now I don't need you, because through the hurricane,
the strong winds and the rain,
I am still alive.

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