How Menacing The Fly

How menacing the fly
that swarms around me
and buzzes past my ear and around my face
as I swat uncontrollably
trying in vain to make it cease
A preemptive strike could thwart him
but this miniature enemy knows me well
knows my logistics and my cadence
so I assume he's studied Sun Tzu

But how menacing the fly
as he dances
and prods me like cattle
keeping me unnerved and uncomfortable
in my chamber of rest
How I am weary from hours of sleepless degradation
And though my time stands fast
no rest shall I find
for this flagrant is entrenched
and mockingly objects to my wishes
For even the dead will wish and dream
and face torture from even the slightest foe
How I face the agony and wait for a slighted moment's rest
and how menacing the fly is to a dead man's jest

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