How Much a Dollar Cost?

How much a dollar
Cost? This chain is
$95.69, it's the exact
Same constraint that
Detained my ancestor's
Soul. He'll turn over in
His grave like a ferris
Wheel, if I finalise the
Deal. Now I feel the

I'm wearing a gold
Rope necklace, why
Does it feel like the
Noose they hung
Nat Turner with? I'm
Pissed, Willie Lynch's
Theory still reeks
Underneath of our
Society's foundation.

It's frustrating, but
How much a dollar
Really cost? Nothing,
But my self respect and
The names of my slain
Ancestors. I promise to
Do better with the fruits
Of my labor. Only tailor
To the cause and most
Important of them all,
Never lose my self worth,
Because the evil will always
Be waiting for my downfall.

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