How Much; Before

How much longer can we stand tall
How much longer should we be strong
How much longer before our resilience disappears
Before the pain of our pasts really catch up with us
Before we go back
Before we cannot return
Before we are lost
Lost in our own worlds
Consumed in ourselves
To oblivious to recognize
Our pain in someone else

How much further do we have to go
How much further do we have to walk
How much further do we have to travel
Before someone notices
Before anyone notices
Before we are stolen again
Before we become the demons they told us we are
Before we serve our time
In the prisons they built for us

How much more time do we have to serve
How much more time are we going to waste
How much more time will pass us before we realize
What he said
What she said
What they said
Cannot define us
Cannot determine our self worth
Cannot diminish our self respect

We were born to move mountains, not melt them
We were placed here to make a change
We were sent here to do better, to be better
Then all those who have already came

When will we realize that my fight is your fight
His fight is our fight
Your fight is our fight
We fight together
We stay together
They can only take us when we are apart

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