How Much People Know

There are some things no one knows
No matter what their IQ shows.
There are people who know little,
There are people who know more.
There are men and women in the middle
And boys and girls who know two of four.
There are people who know squat
And some who know a lot.
I know some; I know you know some, too.
He knows some, she knows some;
Something is known by every 'who'.
You could go on for years
Saying this and that to your peers,
And you'd never teach them everything
That you know is sound.
You could travel all the world
Meeting men, women, boy, and girl
And never know everything there is to know.
How much people know is a relative thing
And has nothing to do with how people think.
You could know nothing like reading or math
And still be smarter than an old, genius hag.
You could list fact after fact, wanted or not,
And still be dumber than an old, rusted pot.

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