How Stu, the Squirrel and I Became Friends ...... Part Eight

I never would have thought it.
Didn't have time for it anyway.
He just showed up here one day
Don't know why he decided to stay.

He always kept his distance.
He never would get too close.
The minute the garage door opened.
He was standing up, straight as a post.

He stood there 'till I gave the seeds.
If I didn't, he stood there and barked.
He sounds like a mad crow.
To me, my wife would remark.

He soon started getting closer.
Wouldn't eat out of my hand just yet.
He was slowly letting his guard down.
He was no longer seeing me as a threat.

Then one day it finally happened.
While in the garage grinding metal.
He jumped on top of the engine hoist.
While I was making a new throttle pedal.

He stayed and watched for a while.
I tried to act like I didn't see him.
I could see his tail was shaking.
Wish I could have gotten it on film.

He suddenly made the big leap.
I think we are about to be friends.
He stood up to properly greet me.
As if to shake hands or somethin'

I had some seeds next to me.
I slowly held out my hand.
He put his little paws on me.
It just takes patience I now understand.

I didn't know he was a criminal.
But there is something I must confess.
Even if I had known at that time.
At that moment, I couldn't have cared less.

R. S. Morris

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