How Temptation Can Kill

I was drawn to the simmers,
of embers lit against an internal cauldron.
'Twas simply because it offered something so foreign to me, warmth.
The manipulative smoke lured me into this wildfire,
black as the world itself.
The tongues of fire planted a bittersweet kiss on my right thigh.
I opened my mouth to swear,
but the noxious gases of the fire rapidly filled my mouth.
I choked. Dying, no question about it.
Black spots filled my eyes as the flames danced around my ankles,
like millions of ants, injecting me with a burning venom.
The fire fed on my clothes like a child who had not eaten in months.
Pain seared through my body, as my legs finally gave out.
I reached up for the bright light in a blissful agony.
But I was gone before I could reclaim my hand.

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