How to be Okay

Put pen to paper,
Write the words you think,
Keep the ink flowing,
Keep your hand moving.
It's your only escape,
Your only safe haven,
The only thing that helps,
It's how you clear your mind.
And words are sharp,
Sharper than knives,
They can be brutally honest,
Or devious lies,
Perception can make them different,
Or they can be said to where no one can deny,
Just a little twist can change the meaning,
Just a little tone can change it completely.
Losing yourself in the words,
You love this escape,
Reality leaves you hurt,
But writing takes it away.
You want this for work,
You want this to be okay,
But to you it's not possible,
You don't think you can.
And so you write to escape,
To escape your own thoughts,
It's strange but it works,
And it's all you've got.

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