How to Blow Up an Astroid

Paranoia strikes like an atom bomb
People going crazy not knowing right from wrong
will this be our final days or is it all just fear
When it comes to our sanity the end is clearly near
I'm not afraid of the life we chose
I don't believe the end is close
I'm not afraid of lights in the sky
I do believe one day we'll fly
Lightning is not the bringer of death
Enjoy what you have until your final breathe
We can once more settle like the storm
Put ourselves back together, stop sniffing chloroform
We are just humans not knowing what tomorrow brings
Its time we get on our feet and enjoy the simple things
No need to run no need to hide we're going to be just fine
The heart meters continue to jump, I see not one single flat line
The astroid comes but we laugh and everyone fills up their cup
We sing and dance until it all blows up

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