How to Describe a Hug

How to Describe a Hug
The physical embodiment of the words “It’s going to be okay”.
Elation mixed with hesitation,
conquered by emotion.
The vital act of embracing when words are hardly worthy compensation.
A reunion.
A parting.
The inexplicable realization of our simultaneous existence.
The mutual knowledge of our presence, through the consistent beating of our hearts and the reliable repetition of breath.
Broken and jagged pieces brought back together.
The platonic yet intimate collision, allowing for a shared perception.
A comfort.

An alleviation.
The security and safety provided by the combination of stable arms and warm hands and aligned frames.
A moment frozen in time,
turned into only a mere recollection.
The momentary harmonization of intention.
Ice shattering and plunging into freezing water,
drowning into someone else.
A last attempt with a steadily deteriorating grip that will soon expire.
The first intimidating yet crucial embrace.
The physical embodiment of the words “I know”.

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