How to fall into her song

When the sun starts to fall, open a window that´s near.
Make sure it´s open wide enough, just so you can hear.
Listen closely for the man to call, he´s already waiting for you.
Don´t take too long getting ready, he has things to do.
Grab a fairly comfortable blanket, it might get cold.
Just don´t fall asleep before the story is told.
You´ll see a star descend from the heavens, to take you to the sky.
Step up on the bright ride, and watch the time pass by.
Your town will seem so small with you being up in the clouds.
Don´t close your eyes or plug your ears, the noise will not be loud.
After some time, you´ll see the moon smiling brightly for you.
He´ll take your hand and spin you around until the earth spins too.
Then he will let you go and you´ll fly straight towards his friend.
She´ll sing you a song, so sweet and soft, that you want to hear it again.
She´ll pick you up and you down upon her golden her rings.
And all night long, she´ll sing her song, until your alarm sounds ¨DING¨.

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