How to Find You in the Dark

We lay in sweet rapture,
And that's where I observed you
The lavender in your tear ducts:
You wept a soft purple
Your body, laid out on the platter of my bed
Your hands: pale reaching, flesh toned weapons
Your knuckles: pink scabbed, reaping
Dried blood and maroon liquid kisses fill and spill
The flex of you:
The excreted breath,
The heave of your barrel chest
Your eyes glow too: green, brown, blue
This is how I find you in the dark

I'm smiling with you
My boy in daisies
The words you hiss became
Melodic, symphonic, hypnotic,
I've got it; I chose to go with you
You whispered as you beckoned me into the dark
The pop of your neck and your face ticks my way
Cracking vertebra, twisting tendons click
Slowly now, slowing down, slower and found
A persistent wavering dance; we met
Our lips, this kiss, we kept
Explosions of holly hocks and four o'clocks
And lily white tulips spring up from you
For you, my soft machine, your vessel
You are the reason I walk into the dark

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