How to Fly

I said I wanted to fly
daring you to make me wings out of thin air and our chemistry
thinking you would laugh at the audacity of my too-honest bones
but truth is a tricky science and you did me one better
claiming every movement is made of flight
since atoms never touch, we are all flights of fancy
at the whim of the levitating paint brush
above our blank canvas
only a breeze from soaring
an accident waiting to happen but maybe we are all waiting to happen
one accident away from falling in love
pitter-patter pitfalls into pencil-dive perfection
chewing my eraser while my confidence waned
the water as smooth as the sky before I break the silence
praying you'll help me pick up the pieces
as we stumble through the hallways
fumbling for common ground or eye contact or your storm-chaser eyes
so while you're ten thousand miles above me with an ocean between us
I will not touch the ground once
my feet will be fireflies blinking in time to you
10 days is only a heartbeat and we are only empty jars
waiting for lightning to strike, setting flight on fire
I'm an arsonist with angel wings
I'm yours

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