How to form Kings?

How are Kings formed?
Algorithm to become king, according to Greek Mythology
WARNING: Unsuccessful among females

Step 1: Be a male child born from a king
Step 2: Plot against king with his daughter/wife/sister
Step 3: Marry or at least have an affair with daughter/wife/sister
Step 4: Rebel against king and kill him and his followers
Step 5: Crown yourself the king
Step 6: Discard daughter/wife/sister and cause many wars
Step 7: Take new wives from other kingdoms to stop wars
Step 8: Have many children with said wives
Step 9: Be killed in a rebellion by one of your sons
Step 10: Repeat process without end.

Most successfully references for Algorithm: Zeus, Kronos, Uranus
Proof of prosperity: Not found
Algorithm outdated due to decrease in believers. New Algorithm found with Putin and Trump,
permission to reveal not granted.

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