How to Kill A Poet

might i just strip her of an audience?
"well i might all the same recite to myself"

why don't i remove her voice then?
"square one, I'll write"

writing will be no more! that should do it
"i suppose to read instead wouldn't hurt"

she's a will to be reckoned, and force never shook. then that I shall take.
"take it if you please, i might just rest and reminisce that young fire of my past"

"i am compelled by my nature, by the law within. i exist for my purpose and my purpose for me. do as you may and as you may not"

how relentless.. how absurd.
"absurdity is a focal point of the mad and the creative. might that never be relinquished so long as I live, and so long as I die"

very well. die. then be forgotten. what then of your life? pointless
"a point you have, but may it not be made. for existence is finite regardless. and I surely did live (even if to be killed) and so I surely did exist. and that infinite truth alone is enough for me"

stubborn you are, just as i have made you

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This Poems Story

(a poet can only be killed by herself and even still, will she truly die? or might her passion keep living deep within.)