How to Live

One. Keep a clean lens. View others without the scratches or fog of society’s opinions. Go into situations with no expectations, allowing the river to carry you where it wishes. And though the rocks and sticks along the way may grab at you, or pop your raft, keep going, even if you have to swim.

Two. There will be times when the podium calls your name. Or when that trophy will shine as bright as a light in the black of the night. But, surrender your longing for approval to the person in the back. Invite the outcast onto stage, and place your crown on their head.

Three. Chase after the bird. It is not enough to shoot the duck down, you must continue to seek it. Jump head first into the raging waters, and though they will try to overcome you, do not return until your game is in hand.

Four. Never discredit others emotions. They are valid in what they feel. Though to you it appears to be a speck of dust, to them it may be the world. Change your viewpoint and gain some perspective before casting aside people’s mountains as nothing.

Five. Set aside a moment each day where you can be still. Find time when the noise dies down, and your thoughts are at bay, to zone in on God’s voice. Don’t get lost searching for him in the wrong places. For we do not hear him in the fire, we do not hear him in the flood, we do not hear him in the thunder, we hear him in the whisper of the wind.

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