How to Make a House a Home

Rule Number One:
Shoes can stay on or come off, no one truly minds because sometimes life just doesn’t leave you time for worries so fine.
Small feet will never remember this kind of rule anyways, and by the time they’re big, they’ll ignore everything that you say.
Smudges and stains can always be erased, so why sweat the small stuff when you’ve got no time to waste?
Rule Number Two:
Never keep secrets.
No one can fit with a giant elephant in the room, so it’s best to make sure that the truth is always welcome under your roof.
Lies will keep your house cold and your families hearts far apart, but truth can create unbreakable bonds and make you strong.
Rule Number Three:
Always be willing to offer a hug.
The world is a dark and scary place, but the presence of love should never be questioned when your child looks into your face.
On good days and bad, be there in any way that you can.
Because someday, you won’t be able to squeeze them as tight as you can before you say,
“Where did all the time go away?”

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